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Throwing a helmet at the problem...

Posted by cbaofraleigh on August 28, 2006 at 11:14 PM
Yo All Y'all:
Thought you'd appreciate this note I received from Fast Fred... apparently Deuce is responding to a letter to the editor in the local news...
doc ski

Well, I felt compelled to answer the Greenville News. 



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Sent: Thursday, August 24, 2006 9:35 PM

Subject: Motorcycle Fatalities Rise

In your article, motorcycle fatalities rise, you mention the word helmet 10 times. You, like others, have the belief that the helmet is the cure all for this problem. In reaching that conclusion and preaching it, you feel you have done your duty, go home pleased and sleep well. The opposite should be true. You are diverting the attention that should be spent on stopping the accident from happening in the first place. It is too late if a helmet is required. Flesh, arms, legs, body parts as well as lives are spread far and wide across this beautiful state and not because of helmets but for the accident itself. You failed to say that other than single vehicle accidents all the deaths were from automobile drivers violating the motorcycles Right Of Way, or even more incredible, the motorcycle being run over from behind. You failed to say that the penalties for such actions are minimal. When those accidents occur the usual story is that the biker did not have a helmet on. Well then, it must be the bikers fault. In Myrtle beach this year, a motorcyclist was run over from behind and the driver drug the motorcycle four miles before the police could get him to stop. The newspaper reporter defended the driver of the vehicle by saying that with that many motorcycles around he just snapped. Motorcycles can cause you to do that.
It is an insult to the motorcycle community to do nothing but throw a helmet at the problem. If citizens were being shot at the rate motorcycle riders are being killed, what would you suggest they all wear bullet proof vests, I think not. There would be an outcry to find the perpetrators. It is no different in the motorcycle fatalities problem. There are perpetrators and that is the lack of motorcycle awareness and education. I believe you will not see one question about motorcycle awareness on a drivers test. You will not see one bill board about motorcycles on a highway. On the other hand, tens of thousands of dollars are being spent on, click it or ticket. DUI you can't afford it, child car seats and share the road with bicycles. There is no mention in drivers education classes of looking for or what to do when they see a motorcycle. Of all the information I've  seen in high schools it's from, guess who, our friends from the insurance institute about helmets. All the money If any, is being spent on helmet campaigns which have nothing to do with solving the problems. In case you do not know, bikers die with helmets on too. So, bottom line, if you think by throwing the helmet word around you have done your part and eased your conscience, you better get a sleep aid. All you have done is to put another road block for those of us trying really fix the problem. Only in the helmet issues do people focus on the effect and not the cause. 

If you are truly concerned about motorcycle fatalities, are you willing to require severe penalties for the killers of bikers when they kill them and use the, 'Oh I didn't see them officer, defense? Are you willing to go to the legislature and make the changes in the driving tests, permits, safety manuals, laws  and driver education programs? Would you support a motorcycle awareness program?  Will you even admit that a biker has the right to exist? See how easy it is to just say, lets just make them wear a helmet. You can do that and indeed you have done that. No where to go now except talk about the maimed, paralyzed and those enduring catastrophic injuries. OOOPS, for that you may have to think outside the helmet. With your mind set,  you may not be able to do that but please don't hurt those of us who can.           

Thank You

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